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About us

International network

We have an extensive worldwide network of contacts in the artistic, cultural and corporate communities.


We strongly believe in teamwork. Everybody involved in the project becomes a part of the team; client, third parties and us. Everybody is challenged to contribute something extra to succeed in where we aim for; that the combined effort is greater than the sum of the individual efforts.


Our management contains three divisions: acquisition & networking; strategy & marketing; and production & organization.

Rosita Blake, Director

BA History and Philosophy, University of Leeds, UK and MA International History, Georgetown University, Washington DC. Director, Productos de Conservación, SA. Vice-President of Georgetown Club of Spain.
Former activities include: Director General of 2091/2, Inc, Washington, DC

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Caspar van Ette, Strategy

MA Art History, University of Leiden, The Netherlands and Licensed Communication and Marketing professional
Freelance marketing & concept developer
Former activities include: General director of Concept3 Creative Communicators, General director of Arte Limitado – Art Supermarket, Partner in the art gallery ‘Cabinet for Art’, Guest Lecturer at Rotterdam University and Freelance journalist for Dutch art magazines.

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