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Cultural marketing

· Unique
· Effective
· Exposure

Art and culture have been proven to be very efficient and cost effective marketing tools, especially for branding purposes. Moreover, it serves another purpose. It helps to promote special projects and gives the corporate world the possibility to take responsibility and have a say in cultural development.

Art & culture vs general campaigns

There are numerous reasons why using culture and art could be way more beneficial for you than a generic advertisement campaign. Without getting into too much detail, just think about the possibilities that it brings in relation to:
· Free publicity
· Giving back
· Goodwill
· Special marketing potentials
· Unique

Win win win

It sounds too good to be true, but there is a win, win, win situation. Using culture and art as a marketing tool helps art culture, provides the audience with something special and often something meaningful and gives the company the exposure that is needed.

And because of its unique characteristics, it will be in a lot of cases a cheaper investment than the old fashioned marketing way.